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Group 6A



Coaches: Julie Spinelli

Last year: 16–5 overall, advanced to region semifinals.

Top returners: Sr. MF Nikki Simpao; Jr. MF Payton Staylor; Sr. MF Allie Benoit; Sr. F Emily Flanagan; Sr. D Lauren Vastano; Sr. F Nicole Mares; So. G Sierra Espeland.

Top newcomers: So. F Micayla Starnes; Fr. D Sarah Dziekowicz; Jr. MF Emily Liebe; Jr. D Lauren Tlapa; Jr. D Peyton Edmondson; Fr. F Heather Kelley.

Outlook: Last year’s team was the most successful in school history. The Eagles want to build on that this fall.


Coaches: Nicholle Spagina

Last year: Third in conference.

Top returners: Sr. F Avery Warner; Jr. D Meredith Bush.

Top newcomers: Fr. MF Maran Lee; Fr. F/M Kiera Baker.

Outlook: Spagina thinks the Bears have taken a step forward this season, behind a strong offseason of hard work. Warner and Bush were both all-conference picks last year.


Coaches: Dani Warters

Last year: 17–4 overall, conference champions, region runner-up.

Top returners: Sr. MF Brooke Harmon; Jr. D Gail Podlesny; So. MF/D Emily Kresho; So. F Rachel Riley; Sr. F Kenly Belman; So. MF Callie Quinn.

Outlook: The Indians graduated six seniors and half the team this fall is sophomores with just one returning defender. Still—many of those sophomores showed lots of promise last season, leaving with Stafford with a good nucleus to build around.


Group 5A



Coaches: Kaitlyn Ripley

Last year: 8–8 overall.

Top returners: Jr. MF Taylor Hayes; Jr. MF Caroline Wilkerson; Jr. G Sierra Smizer; Sr. D Chaselyn Trentley; Sr. D Kelly Colon.

Top newcomers: Jr. D Hannah Infanti; So. F Emily Gannon.

Outlook: A new coaching staff steps in at Brooke Point, with an optimistic outlook for the season. A balanced group of returners will lead the way.


Coaches: Lindsey Heppner

Last year: 6–12 overall.

Top returners: So. MF Maddie McNult; So. D Kaeleen Johnson; Sr. F Sam Frain; Sr. D Sarah DeJesus; So. GK Madison Callan.

Top newcomers: Fr. F Maria Santiso; Fr. D Amanda Hensen.

Outlook: The Panthers took tremendous strides forward last year, with the first region tournament appearance in school history. They’ve demonstrated a strong work ethic in the offseason, and will strive for a region berth again.


Coaches: Pattie Sullivan

Last year: 33–1 overall.

Top returners: Sr. D Emily Johnson; Sr. D Beth Barnes; Sr. F Gretchen Geisler; Sr. MF Olivia Hubert; Sr. F Erin Black; Jr. D Lauren Graves.

Top newcomers: So. MF Lily Bryngelson; Fr. D Madison Hatcher; Fr. MF Maggie Hubert.

Outlook: It’ll be tough to top 2013, when Mountain View won the first state title in school history, but the Wildcats seem primed to try. There’s talented returners all over the field to lead Mountain View on a chase for back-to-back titles.


Coaches: Laura Cwick

Top returners: MF Erin Cheetman; F Jordyn Estep; MF Hannah Gaston; D Emily Murrah.

Top newcomers: So. MF Micayla Fisher; Jr. MF Lonna Dueuas; So. F Nicole Badami; Fr. D Megan Arbidi.

Outlook: The Wolverines lost some key players to graduation, but they’re focused on improving the record from last year. The team is overall stronger and better prepared, Cwick thinks.



Coaches: Trish and Steve Grabeel

Last year: Region runner-up.


Combined 1A–4A



Coaches: Greg Trainum.

Top returners: Jr. MF Cassandra Cooper; So. D Brianna Queen; Jr. D Madison Coleman; Jr. MF Abigail Crawford.

Top newcomers: So. F Emily Watters; So. MF Hannah Cranford; Jr. G Allison Morrow; So. G Shannon Roberts.

Outlook: Trainum was encouraged by the results of Caroline’s two preseason scrimmages. He thinks the Cavaliers have shown potential and could be a team that surprises.



Coaches: Jim Larkin

Last year: 22–1 overall, conference, region and state champions

Top returners: Jr. D/MF Jordan Rasure; Sr. GK Tori Bailey.

Top newcomers: Jr. D/MF Vanessa Rivera; Jr. D/F Alyssa WIlliams; Sr. F/MF Angela Banko.

Outlook: After back-to-back state championships—the best two-year run in school history—the Chargers must find a way to replace nine starters. Rasure is a former All-Area pick, and a good player to rebuild around.


Coaches: Laura Gast

Last year: 10–8 overall.

Top returners: Jr. F Katelyn Skinner; So. F Cameryn McLaurine; Sr. MF Allison Mitchell; Sr. GK Claire King; So. MF Ann Marie Hoppel; Sr. D Julianna Graham.

Top newcomers: Jr. F Marissa Alvaro; Fr. D Christina Slick; Fr. MF Marie Freemyers; Fr. MF Kelsey Jones.

Outlook: The Cougars have just four seniors—they’re quite a bit younger than last year’s team. But Gast thinks they’ve got a chance to improve on last year’s mark.


Coaches: Peggy Allen

Last year: Conference runner-up.

Top returners: Jr. F Mackenzie Queen; Sr. F Kara Peters; So. MF Alexis Brown; Sr. MF Carlynn Walker; Jr. D Jordan Howard.

Top newcomers: Sr. GK Shelby Zadroga.

Outlook: A “good group of girls” to work with, Allen reports, includes some talented returners from last year’s conference second-place finisher.


Coaches: Deb Garcia

Last year: 11–7 overall.

Top returners: Sr. MF/D Shelby King; Sr. GK Carly Lindstrom; Sr. F Liz Hill; Sr. D Brittany Halsey; Jr. MF/D Mickey Perrotte; Jr. MF Alexis Sheehan.

Top newcomers: Jr. F/MF Ashley Cooper; Jr. GK Kyleigh Jenkins; So. MF/D Lindsay Carabin.

Outlook: The Foxes graduated some key contributors, but there are some fresh faces hungry to show their talent. Garcia expects a tough race in the conference.



Coaches: Meredith Marconi


Coaches: Cathy Uribe

Last year: 10–7 overall.

Top returners: Sr. MF Olivia Decatur; Sr. D Kelsey Peters; Jr. Sarah Reed.

Top newcomers: Fr. Jesse Clark.

Outlook: The Blue Devils graduated seven seniors from last season. They’ll be in a rebuilding mode this year, and Uribe hopes they can gel quickly.


Coaches: Jamie Tierney

Last year: 20-3, region runner-up.

Top returners: Sr. MF Miranda Rigg, Sr. F LC King, Jr. MF Becca Hamlett, Jr. MF Catesby Willis, Jr. D Cleo Morris, Jr. GK Teaghan Hicks.

Top newcomers: Fr. F Lizzie Hamlett, Fr. MF Ashley Kim.

Outlook: The Jackets boost some talented offensive returners but must rebuild the defense, a group which already suffered a loss with a preseason injury to sophomore Wally Baker. The veterans should give the Jackets enough firepower to contend in the conference.


Coaches: Kristi Rice

Top returners: Sr. GK Haley Smith; Sr. F Kali Lynch; Sr. MF Caroline Sorrell; Sr. MF Samantha Judy; Sr. D Sabrina Judy; Sr. D Kirsten Haynes; Sr. D/MF Kendra Johnson.

Top newcomers: Fr. MF/F Sophie Sperry; Jr. MF Makenna Mann; Jr. F Alissa Broaddus; Jr. MF Nyomi Lee.

Outlook: Eleven seniors return for the Knights and there’s talent among the newcomers. Rice is optimistic about the season and ready to see some hard work pay off for Spotsylvania.


Private schools


Coaches: Karen Moschetto

Last year: 18–2 overall, VISAA Division II state champions.

Top returners: Sr. D Maya Schattgen; Jr. MF Colleen Norair; Jr. D Carolyn Topps; Fr. F Cate Hazel; Fr. MF Emma Harrison.

Top newcomers: Fr. F Lindsay Moore; Fr. F Annemarie Allen.

Outlook: With just one senior returning, this team is going to go through some growing pains. But Norair and Topps are two excellent players to form the nucleus of a squad that should improve as the year goes on.


Coaches: Lauren Didlake

Last year: 3–11–1 overall.

Top returners: Jr. MF Carter Garrison; Fr. F Mckenzie Webb; Jr. F Nina LinneVonBerg.

Top newcomers: Jr. MF Winter Ewer; Jr. Kristen Curtas.

Outlook: The Eagles are young, but hope to make an impact this year. The teamwork has been good, and Didlake hopes that’s a foundation for success.