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HIGH SCHOOL TRACK NOTEPAD: Meet a measuring stick for Wildcats

As a young track and field coach, Dave Davis scheduled practices during spring break.

But Davis would often show up with few athletes to teach. He has since relaxed that mindset a bit.

Still, the Mountain View athletes who are willing to train during their weeklong spring break are doing so in preparation for Saturday’s Wildcat Track Classic.

“What we do now is it’s an optional thing,” Davis said. “The older I got, the more frustrating it became when it was just me showing up.”

Davis had several pole vaulters, distance runners and sprinters on hand Tuesday afternoon. He said those who took vacations with their families are still expected to train.

“My philosophy now is the good ones will do what they’re supposed to, whether I’m watching or not,” Davis said. “Nowadays it doesn’t make any difference.”

Davis is eager to see what the Wildcats will look like when the weather warms up. He missed last week while attending an out-of-town funeral. And this week, not all of his athletes are present for workouts.

“I’m just glad it’s starting to get warm so we can find out what’s going on,” Davis said. “I haven’t seen a lot of the kids for almost two weeks. So hopefully they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing.”

Davis will get a glimpse of what his athletes have been up to on Saturday when 22 other schools visit Mountain View for its second large meet of the season. Davis hosted the Wildcat Invitational March 27–29.

Davis said Saturday’s meet isn’t about scoring points to win. He said he’s using the event to allow athletes to earn region and state qualifying marks and to see where many of them stand.

“You look at what you’re trying to accomplish to get ready for the competition season—conference, region and state,” Davis said. “It’s not so much about scoring points as it is about getting kids in the right races.”