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HIGH SCHOOL SWIMMING: Indians’ girls claim a crown

MANASSAS—The sparse scoring updates at the Conference 4 swimming championships at the Freedom Aquatic and Fitness Center on Friday had Stafford’s girls swimmers on pins and needles.

They knew they were in the running for a championship, but they didn’t know how close it actually was.

Individual event results were taped outside the main doors of the swimming pool, so some of the swimmers went as far as to do the math themselves.

“Rachel [Showers] and I were outside counting points on the wall. We were freaking out,” junior Karah Sizemore said.

The tension wasn’t as palpable for Indians coach Jonathan Raymond, who was confident going into his team’s final event—the 400 freestyle relay—despite a lineup that included two new swimmers.

Stafford finished second in the final race, netting the 14 points it needed to overcome Woodbridge 100–92 for the conference’s first ever championship. Colonial Forge finished third with 86 points, followed by Forest Park (81), Riverbend (70), Gar-Field (48) and Hylton (31).

“It’s a great shocker to bring home a win for Stafford,” Showers said. “It’s awesome for the girls’ team.”

Woodbridge won the boys meet 114–92.50 over Forest Park. Riverbend (85) and Colonial Forge (71) finished third and fourth, respectively. Hylton (62.50), Stafford (59) and Gar-Field (28) rounded out the scores.

Raymond took a measured risk with his girls relay teams with the hopes of qualifying all three for the 6A–South Regional meet Feb. 14–15 in Norfolk. It paid off in a big way. The Indians finished second in all three relays to give them a hefty 42 points en route to the title.

Raymond plugged freshman Lexi Osleger and sophomore Colleen Kleveno into the 400 freestyle relay team, and they helped the Indians net a top finish.

“I made the change because I wanted to load up the 200,” Raymond said. “We hadn’t yet gotten a regional cut in the 200 free relay. I want to take as many swimmers to regionals, so it was a gamble. It was like poker. Am I leaving money in the pot?”

Stafford also had several strong individual performances, including a win in the 500 freestyle by Sizemore, who also finished third in the 100 butterfly. Ryan Ulrich placed third in both the 100 and 50 freestyle races.

Maggie Howell finished second in the 100 backstroke, and Osleger placed third in the 500 free.

Riverbend made the jump to third in the conference meet this season after finishing sixth in last year’s Commonwealth District event. The Bears were paced by freshman Thomas Durocher, who won the 500 freestyle and 100 backstroke races.

“I felt good about my performance,” Durocher said. “I have no regrets.”

Riverbend’s 200 medley relay team, which placed second, and its 400 freestyle relay team, which finished third, also bolstered its point total.

“We had a lot of year-round kids step up and swim really fast,” Bears coach Michele Golles said. “We had some kids who aren’t swimming year-round, and even without having a lot of practice time because of our snow days, they still had some great races.”

Other individual winners included Colonial Forge’s Alex Morgan (200 freestyle) and Jake Bell (100 breaststroke), and Stafford’s Billy Howell (100 freestyle).

The top six individual performers and relay teams in each event advance to region meet.

“We wanted to take as many people to regionals as possible, so I think we really exceeded that,” Colonial Forge coach Georgia Rathje said. “We’re really happy with our team.”



Team scores: 1. Woodbridge 114, 2. Forest Park 92, 3. Riverbend 85, 4. Colonial Forge 71, 5. Hylton 62, 6. Stafford 59, 7. Gar–Field 28.

200 medley relay: 1. Woodbridge (Torger Olson, Mark Dye, Dallin Rackham, Kaleb Libby) 1:43.79; 2. Riverbend (Thomas Durocher, Johnathan James, David Pearcy, Coulton Messick) 1:44.53; 3. Hylton (Matt Yost, Jake Sweeney, Shaka Kuykendall, Colin Bushweller) 1:45.37; 4. Forest Park (Shane Jampole, Rafael Caballero, Kiernan Jordan, Connor Schmidt) 1:45.41.

200 freestyle: 1. Alex Morgan (CF) 1:47.46; 2. Coulton Messick (Riv) 1:49.71; 3. Rafael Caballero (FP) 1:49.73; 4. David Pearcy (Riv) 1:49.97.

200 individual medley: 1. Connor Schmidt (FP) 2:06.25; 2. Matt Hopkins (Staff) 2:08.19; 3. Mark Dye (Wood) 2:09.08; 4. Dallin Rackham (Wood) 2:17.00.

50 free: 1. JJ Feden (Wood) 22.72; 2. Torger Olson (Wood) 23.14; T3. Shaka Kuykendall (H) 23.66; T3. Kiernan Jordan (FP) 23.66.

100 butterfly: 1. Matt Yost (H) 54.32; 2. Kiernan Jordan (FP) 55.62; 3. David Pearcy (Riv) 56.38; 4. Mathew Mast (FP) 58.47.

100 free: 1. Billy Howell (Staff) 50.24; 2. Ian Campbell (W) 50.27; 3. JJ Feden (W) 50.37; 4. Coulton Messick (Riv) 50.52.

500 free: 1. Thomas Durocher (Riv) 4:59.20; 2. Connor Schmidt (FP) 5:06.54; 3. Nolan Monahan (CF) 5:10.83; 4. Brett Henry (GF) 5:13.07.

200 free relay: 1. Woodbridge (Ian Campbell, Kaleb Libby, Torger Olson, JJ Feden) 1:30.59; 2. Stafford (Caleb McAllister, Billy Howell, Matt Hopkins, Chris Vaughan) 1:34.55; 3. Hylton (Shaka Kuykendall, Colin Bushweller, Jake Sweeney, Matt Yost) 1:36.15; 4. Riverbend (Landon Wilcox, Brandon Koch, Noah Klug, Dillon Hebertson) 1:37.05.

100 backstroke: 1. Thomas Durocher (Riv) 55.14; 2. Matt Yost (H) 55.25; 3. Alex Morgan (CF) 55.37; 4. Billy Howell (Staff) 56.06.

100 breaststroke: 1. Jake Ball (CF) 1:03.28; 2. Mark Dye (W) 1:04.44;

3. Kaleb Libby (W) 1:04.76; 4. Nolan Monahan (CF) 1:07.41.

400 free relay: 1. Forest Park (Kiernan Jordan, Mathew Mast, Connor Schmidt, Rafael Caballero) 3:27.49; 2. Colonial Forge (Jake Ball, Chris Hickey, Nolan Monahan, Alex

Morgan) 3:27.90; 3. Riverbend (David Pearcy, Landon Wilcox, Thomas Durocher, Coulton Messick) 3:28.09; 4. Woodbridge (JJ Feden, Mark Dye, Dallin Rackham, Ian Campbell) 3:29.07.



Team scores: 1. Stafford 100, 2. Woodbridge 92, 3. Colonial Forge 84, 4. Forest Park 81, 5. Riverbend 70, 6. Gar-Field 48, 7. Hylton 31.

200 medley relay: 1. Forest Park (Alyssa Williams, Leslie Cole,

Siobhan Murphy, Lindsay Sterling) 1:53.72; 2. Stafford (Maggie Howell, Julianne Rogers, Karah Sizemore, Ryan Ulrich) 1:54.25; 3. Colonial Forge (Emily Flanagan, Elyse MacIsaac, Kara Wineinger, Keara Garrity) 1:54.67; 4. Woodbridge (Kaylie Benson, Sara Dye, Emily Kelly, Victoria Coughlin) 1:56.03,

200 freestyle: 1. Emily Kelly (W) 1:58.93 9; 2. Siobhan Murphy (FP) 2:01.18; 3. Keara Garrity 2:01.21 (CF); 4. Rachel Showers (Staff) 2:02.76.

200 individual medley: 1. Kelly Henry (GF) 2:08.70; 2. Leslie Cole (FP) 2:09.75; 3. Kara Wineinger (CF) 2:13.17; 4. Gracie Paterson (Riv) 2:17.48.

50 free: 1. Victoria Coughlin (Wood) 25.24; 2. Rheagan Horne (Riv) 25.30; 3. Ryan Ulrich (Staff) 25.38; 4. Nicole Muilenburg (Riv) 26.24.

100 butterfly: 1. Shelby Jordan (GF) 59.10; 2. Megan Simpson (CF) 1:01.17; 3. Karah Sizemore (Staff) 1:01.59; 4. Rachel Showers (Staff) 1:02.07.

100 free: 1. Victoria Coughlin (W) 54.71; 2. Rheagan Horne (Riv) 54.80; 3. Ryan Ulrich (Staff) 55.89; 4. Keara Garrity (CF) 56.46.

500 free: 1. Karah Sizemore (Staff) 5:24.68; 2. Emily Turner (W) 5:43.76; 3. Lexi Osleger (Staff) 5:51.93; 4. Victoria Jaeger (H) 5:58.63.

200 free relay: 1. Woodbridge (Sara Dye, Katherine Karlen, Emily Kelly, Victoria Coughlin) 1:42.34; 2. Stafford (Julianne Rogers, Maggie Howell, Rachel Showers, Ryan Ulrich) 1:43.69; 3. Riverbend (Rheagan Horne, Nicole Reeves, Holly Cole, Gracie Paterson) 1:43.99; 4. Forest Park (Lindsay Sterling, Siobhan Murphy, Georgia Applegate, Leslie Cole) 1:44.28.

100 backstroke: 1. Emily Kelly (W) 1:00.68; 2. Maggie Howell (Staff) 1:01.36; 3. Shelby Jordan (GF) 1:02.45; 4. Alyssa Williams (FP) 1:03.26.

100 breaststroke: 1. Leslie Cole (FP) 1:05.44; 2. Kara Wineinger (CF) 1:07.17; 3. Kelly Henry (GF) 1:07.28; 4. Elyse MacIsaac (CF) 1:07.43.

400 free relay: 1. Colonial Forge (Keara Garrity, Megan Simpson, Elyse MacIsaac, Kara Wineinger) 3:51.30; 2. Stafford (Karah Sizemore, Colleen Kleveno, Lexi Osleger, Rachel Showers) 3:56.34; 3. Forest Park (Madison Fuller, Alyssa Williams, Georgia Applegate, Tammy Smith) 4:00.41; 4. Hylton (Kathleen Perez, Sadie

Peloquin, Victoria Jaeger, Maysa Kuykendall) 4:08.46.


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