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BOYS BASKETBALL NOTEPAD: Teams try to cram in games

The winter storms that hit the Fredericksburg area the last couple of weeks created a host of scheduling problems for area boys basketball teams.

None were more affected than Colonial Beach and Spotsylvania, both of which have gone more than 10 days since last playing a game.

“It’s definitely been a disaster, let me tell you that,” Knights coach Len Carlson said.

The Drifters are scheduled to hit the hardwood again tonight against Lancaster, 13 days after they last played on Jan. 18 at Brooke Point.

The Knights, meanwhile, have a home game scheduled for tonight against James Monroe, 11 days after their last game on Jan. 20 against Eastern View.

“[Tonight] against JM, we’re really going to see what we’re made of now because it’s been quite a time off from a game,” Carlson said.

The winter storms also knocked out a large chunk of practice time for both teams, making the time they have convened all the more critical.

Carlson has simulated game situations to add more competition to practice. Colonial Beach coach Jonathan Parker has pushed the intensity during drills with the same purpose in mind.

“I’ve been trying to amp up the practices a little bit, trying to get them going to get them back to where they’re supposed to be,” Parker said.

Because of the storms, the Drifters must reschedule conference games with Essex and Rappahannock for later in the season. They also missed a non-conference game against Caroline they hope to make up.

The Knights must make up conference games against Kettle Run and Culpeper. They also missed a non-conference game against Caroline that is unlikely to be made up.

“Every time I break the news to them that a game is canceled or something like that, it’s heartbreaking for them because I know they want to be out there and get better,” Parker said.

The last two weeks of the regular season will be jam-packed with games for both teams. Spotsylvania had won seven straight before its long layoff and is currently 3–0 in Conference 27 play. Carlson is hoping the time off hasn’t cooled down his team.

Parker is also hoping the layoff hasn’t had a negative impact on his team. Colonial Beach is trying to end the season on a high note and earn a region playoff berth.

“We’ve got our hands full and we’re going to have to work hard to get to where we want,” Parker said.

Both coaches are hoping they’ve seen the end of the snowstorms. They may not be so lucky.

“I’m just keeping my fin-gers crossed at this point,” Carlson said.