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LIVE from the bleachers: JM vs Brookville

With just less than four minutes left, the score is 24-14. JM scored again.


Fans say they are hoping JM will turn it around for the last quarter of the game.


JM down 21-7 now. Fans are pretty quiet on the orange side.


At halftime, lots of JM fans said they were hopeful for the results of the game. Lots of positive energy here.


Thirty seconds to halftime and fans are happy. JM has the ball and is inching closer to the endzone.

Brookville is leading 14-7 now, but JM fans are not too discouraged.


The score is tied up now and the JM crowd is pretty quiet.


MOVE THOSE CHAINS! We’ve got a speaker over here for JM chants.


First quarter is over and still no score, but JM has the ball.

Brookville is making a field goal attempt…. No good!


JM has the ball! Fans are banging their bam bams and screaming LET’S GO!


JM players run onto the field.


Arthur L. Williams Stadium in Lynchburg is filling up for the JM vs Brookville game, which is set to start at noon.


Robyn Sidersky here. I’ll be providing you with updates from the bleachers before, during and after the game–from the fan perspective.