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Did you know?

All four of Saturday’s Fredericksburg-area state semifinalist have played in at least one state final. Courtland, James Monroe and Essex have each won at least one state title, while North Stafford has one runner-up showing.

Turn in Saturday to see who will add to their number of appearance with semifinal wins.


(x-State champs; division title won in in parentheses)

    North Stafford: 2004 (Group AAA, Div. 5)

    Courtland: 1989 (Group AA, Div. 4); x-1987 (Group AAA, Div. 5); x-1985 (Group AA); x-1983 (Group AA); x-1982 (Group AA)

    James Monroe: 2011 (Group AA, Div. 3); x-2008 (Group AA, Div. 3); x-1996 (Group AA, Div. 3); x-1987 (Group AA, Div. 3); x-1986 (Group AA, Div. 3); 1970 (Group AA)

    Essex: x-2009 (Group A, Div. 2); 2003 (Group A, Div. 2)