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Live blog–James Monroe vs. Brookville state championship

 That’s a final …. 34-33 Brookville

Brookville’s Alan Gutierrez kicks the winning field goal with less than a minute to go as James Monroe’s Julian Bumbrey narrowly misses the block. (Dave Ellis / The Free Lance-Star)


PHOTO GALLERY: View more images from the game.

Here’s the play-by-play from the game:

Brookville interception. That’s going to be the game, barring a major disaster.

A’darius Brown to the Brookville 44. Second down, 17.3 to play.

Illegal substitution on first down. False start. First and 20 at the JM 36.

A’darius Brown returns the kick to the JM 46. First down, 24 seconds to play.

It’s good. Brookville leads, 34-33, with 35 seconds to play.

28-yard field goal coming up …

Brookville run to the JM 11. JM Timeout. Fourth and 2 at the 11, 39.6 seconds to play.

One-yard gain. Third-and-nine at the JM 18. JM Timeout with 47.9 to play.

Run to the JM 19. Second-and-10, JM timeout. 56 seconds to play.

Illegal shift, Brookville. First-and-15 at the JM 24. 1:09 to play.

Catch by Guy Morris – first down Brookville at the 19 …. 1:16 to play.

Timeout Brookville …. they’ve got one remaining.

Incomplete pass. 1:28 to play, third-and-nine.

One yard gain on first down …. 1:50 to play.

Brookville quick-snapped it, and the QB sneak was good for four. First down at the 35, 2:19 to play.

Big stop by JM. Fourth and 1 at the 39. 2:23 to play, timeout Brookville.

Third-and-two at the 40 coming up.

Brookville ball at the JM 48. 3:36 to play.

Draw play, and another personal foul on JM. Fourth-and-a mile at the JM 3. …. punt team.

A holding penalty, an incomplete pass, a negative rush … third-and-21 at the 9. for JM

Ryheem Perrin – third-down sack. Brookville punts into the end zone and JM has the ball at its own 20. 5:09 to play. Still 33-31 JM.

Ethan Preston looks shaken up on the JM bench. Brookville is about to face third-and-11 at the JM 38.

Preston fumbles a pitch on first down. Brookville ball at the JM 37.

Three and out. …. Brookville punts, and it’s JM ball at its own 42. 7:18 to play.

Brookville with the ball at its own 28, with 8:39 to play. Still 33-31 JM.

DeMontaz Brown sacked on third down, and JM’s going to have to punt.

Jackets’ ball at their own 28. 10:01 to play.

Incomplete pass on third down and long, and Brookville’s going to punt. 10:13 to play.

Ethan Preston fumble. Brookville ball at its own 36 on the final play of the third quarter.

‎32-yard run by Ethan Preston – his best of the day. First down JM at the Brookville 34.

Third-down offsides gives JM a first down at the 33.

JM drive starts at the 20.

Brookville’s Mark Boyd runs a slant rout, breaks a tackle and goes 55 yards for a touchdown. Bees kick and JM leads 33-31 with 2:24 left in the half.

Eric Nelson with a big tackle for a loss. Third down and 11 for Brookville at its own 45.

Brookville first down on the JM 46.

Touchdown Eric Nelson. Dit kicks, and JM leads, 33-24 with 3:47 left in the third.

Pitch to A’darius Brown, who throws to Robert Lawrence wide open. First and goal at the 1 for JM.

JM picks up a first down. Ball at the Brookville 33.

Julian Bumbrey with a good punt return. JM ball at the Brookville 46 wtih 5:58 left in the quarter. Jackets still lead 26-24

Roy Robinson just had sacks on back-to-back plays and Brookville has a third-and-23 at the JM 28.

Bees are about to run their third offensive play (including a first-half kneeldown) since the first quarter.

JM goes four and out. Brookville ball at the JM 28, 7:37 left in the third.

Double wow. JM kicked it off the same way and Daniel Armstead RECOVERS AGAIN! JM Ball at the Brookville 30. Wow. What a swing.

DeMontaz Brown 33-yard touchdown to Kasine Conway. TD JM with 10:30 to play in the third quarter … Jackets drop a pass on the two-point conversion try, but they lead for the first time today, 26-24.

Wow. JM hit a short pop up and Daniel Armstead recovers – Jackets ball to start the third quarter at the Brookville 35.

It’s halftime ….

Here’s some first-half stats – JM has 89 rushing yards and 87 through the air, to 10 and 63 for Brookville. That’s a little deceptive, though, because the Bees’ have started in JM’s territory twice and had the 89-yard kickoff return. Ethan Preston has 37 yards on 14 carries and DeMontaz Brown has 11 carries for 45 yards. Brown is 7-of-9 for 87 yards, but his interception on JM’s third possession was huge. A’darius Brown has caught four passes for 60 yards. Time of possession is also lopsided in JM’s favor – 19:01 minutes to 4:59. …. but again, that speaks more to the imbalance of field position in the first half. Roy Robinson’s interception was impressive. Brookville faked a screen pass to its right, then came back to throw a screen to their left. The Bees had it set up well, but Robinson jumped and pawed the ball out of the air, to set up the Jackets’ touchdown just before halftime.

Ethan Preston takes pitch right side and scores TD. Point after failed. 24-20. 17.2 seconds left before half. Heck of a comeback by JM after falling behind 17-0 early.

JM 4th and 1 at 2, about to go for it,

Amazing 1-handed interception by Roy Robinson. JM first and goal from 8.

JM 1 yd TD run by Eric Nelson. 24-14 Brookville 1:37 2nd

JM 47-yard kickoff return. Jackets driving with first down at 37.

Brookville answers with 89-yard kickoff return by Mark Boyd. 24-7, 9:17 2nd.

JM gets on the board with 1-yard TD run by DeMontaz Brown with 9:32 left second quarter. 17-7.

JM interception on next possession, followed by 5-yard run by Brookville’s Michael Carwile

JM punts on next possession, followed by Brookville FG to make it 10-0.

JM fumbles on opening play of game, leads to 14-yard touchdown catch by Brookville’s Chris Anderson