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UNDER THE LIGHTS (video series) Part IV: Marching band

(Under the Lights is a video series chronicling people who are an integral part of Friday night football even though they don’t actually play football.)

I was hoping Under the Lights would help you learn about the people who operate outside of the spotlight on Friday evenings. But along the way, I learned too.

I’m not very musical. Both of my brothers are musicians, and when we were teenagers, they would usually perform at birthday parties for family members while I simply gave a speech. Anyway, when Orange County High School marching band member Whitney Henderson told me she played percussion, I figured that simply meant she played drums.

I did not know this: A percussion instrument is any object which produces a sound when hit with an implement or when it is shaken, rubbed, scraped, or otherwise acted upon in a way that sets the object into vibration.

As you’ll see in the video, Whitney does more than play drums. So, marching band enthusiasts, please forgive me for being mistaken. But I’m happy to know I learned something along the way.

Interview with Whitney Henderson


Whitney and the Hornets perform


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