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J.C. Hall talks about Courtland/Chancellor rivalry

Well, this was supposed to be a video entry, but I just watched it and the strong winds make it sound like we’re about to be swept up in a twister, and they make most of Courtland Coach J.C. Hall’s words inaudible.

But I’ve pieced together enough to give you a slice of the interview here. Stupid technology.

Anyway, J.C. played for Courtland when Chancellor first opened, and this is his ninth season as the Cougars’ coach. Courtland and Chancellor will renew their rivalry Friday night.

What are your fondest memories of this rivalry?

I’d say the fondest memories are the games that we’ve won.

What does the rivalry mean to you?

To me, when you talk about Chancellor/Courtland, you think about intensity. You’ve got two schools that are just 5 or 10 miles apart, both teams are in the same district. Bragging rights are always on the line.

What do you tell your younger players who might not understand the significance of this game?

I don’t have to tell them anything. Usually the upperclassmen take care of that. The younger guys that still don’t know figure it out early in this week.

What do you respect most about Chancellor?

I respect how they compete and play hard week in and week out. I’ve got a lot of respect for Coach Oliver and his staff. One thing about this rivalry is it doesn’t matter what our recrods are.