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Local health newsletter delivers daily fitness tips


Who has enough time to exercise? You do–if you have a few free minutes a day.

Personal trainers and other fitness instructors in the Fredericksburg area are sharing ideas for an “exercise of the day” each weekday morning in the new Healthy Life Virginia newsletter.

The free e–newsletter, a product of The Free Lance–Star companies, is delivered to computers and mobile devices at 6:30 a.m. It provides health news and advice including daily dinner and lunch recipes, stress reduction strategies, parenting wisdom, a calendar of upcoming events, and more.

The newsletter’s daily exercise idea focuses on helping you get fitter without needing to hit the gym or invest hours in your physique.

The exercises can be done almost anywhere, anytime, usually without the need for any equipment. Each exercise idea is accompanied by a video showing the proper way to do it.

Here’s a sampling of exercises local fitness experts shared with newsletter readers last week:

  • Lunges: Trainer Allison Crerie of Bodyworks Downtown Athletic Club said this exercise can strengthen your legs. Doing it right involves taking a big step forward with one leg, then dropping the opposite leg’s knee to the ground.
  • Plank: This exercise strengthens your core and shoulders, Crerie said. In plank, you balance on your forearms and toes, holding your body in a straight line for as long as you can. Most people start by holding the pose for about 30 seconds.
  • Swimmers: In this exercise, you mimic the movement of a freestyle swimmer—on land. Local personal trainer Trish Blackwell says this is a good way to strengthen your lower back.
  • Hip abductions: Fredericksburg personal trainer Garrett Green recommended this exercise as a way to strengthen your hips.

Coming up this week in the newsletter: A local Pilates teacher demonstrates a move that’s good for the back; a half-marathon runner shares his recipe for a tasty lentil dish; five tips for busting stress; and more.


To get the new Healthy Life Virginia newsletter emailed to you each weekday morning, go to and type in your email address.

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