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Cardiologist sings heart healthy tunes

Cardiologist Dr. Richard Lewis likes to make sure his patients will remember his advice–so he puts his words of wisdom to tune.

Here he is singing “Move More, Eat Less,” a tribute to a song by Bob Dylan. It’s a little bit hard to understand the lyrics in the video–and that’s the point. So here are some of the words:

Move more, eat less, load up on the watercress

While you’re running hill and dale, think about a side of kale

If you laze and lie around, calories will turn to pounds.

More in than out will make you fatter; you must obey the rules of matter

Come on, Mabel, get up from that table.

Push away’s an exercise to help your thighs get down to size.

It don’t take much to analyze; you eat more than you realize.

You’re the one who’s in control, when you eat and when you stroll.

Listen to those voices reminding you to make good choices.

Here’s an earlier video of Lewis singing “Salt Shaker,” to the tune of “Heartbreaker.”


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