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More on Spotsylvania graduation rates

The Free Lance-Star published local graduation and dropout rates for the class of 2013 this morning.

In the article, Spotsylvania’s high schools reported a graduation rate of 88.3 percent, just shy of the statewide average of 89.1 percent.

But Spotsylvania’s rate has continued to improve over the last three years. In 2012 its graduation rate was reported at 85.9 percent, which rose from 84.5 percent in 2011.

Available in the online edition of the piece are how each high school fared. Here are the numbers for Spotsylvania’s five high schools:

  • Chancellor: 87 percent graduation rate, 320 total graduates, 5.1 percent dropout rate, 18 total dropouts.
  • Courtland: 94 percent graduation rate, 288 total graduates, 1 percent dropout rate, total dropouts n/a.
  • Massaponax: 85.1 percent graduation rate, 449 total graduates, 7.3 percent dropout rate, 37 total dropouts.
  • Riverbend: 91.7 percent graduation rate, 488 total graduates, 2 percent dropout rate, total dropouts n/a.
  • Spotsylvania: 83.2 percent graduation rate, 250 total graduates, 6.1 percent dropout rate, 17 total dropouts.
Keep in mind that the graduation rate solely includes on-time graduates, or students who graduate within four years, and the dropout rate includes only students who withdrew from school, meaning the percentages will not add up to 100 percent in every case.
Courtland High School has by far the highest graduation rate and lowest dropout rate in the county. On the other end of the spectrum, is Spotsylvania High School with the lowest graduation rate. However, Massaponax High School holds the highest dropout rate.

Here is the full statement from Spotsylvania superintendent Scott Baker about the graduation rate in the county, which has improved each year for three years:

“We are pleased that our on-time graduation rate continues to increase, representing a positive three year trend. We attribute this improvement to the focused, collective efforts of staff, parents and students. During this time period, proactive pre-K – 12 interventions and support structures have been developed and implemented. In moving forward, continued vertical alignment of instruction pre-K through 12 will remain a critical focus in building the division’s capacity toward realizing the outcome that all students meet rigorous career and college readiness expectations. In the near future, we expect to exceed the state average.”