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Spotsy welcomes students back to school

Over 23,000 students started a new school year today in Spotsylvania County.

According to Amanda Blalock, chairwoman of the Spotsylvania school board, the first day was fairly smooth (with the exception of a few buses running behind schedule).

“I didn’t have many calls or questions,” she said. “That means it’s a good day.”

Blalock spent the day checking up on the two major changes to the division this year: a new food service provider and recently installed visitor management systems at each of the division’s schools.

She said the first lunch with food service provider Sodexo at the helm went “amazingly smooth.” Blalock said students noticed more variety in their lunch choices but otherwise did not seem to be aware of a change.

When she checked on the visitor management systems, recently installed to increase security by scanning a picture ID of each visitor, she said there were a few glitches but “those kinks will work out in time.”

Superintendent Scott Baker toured each schools in the division with his staff today.

“Everyone has been so positive and excited,” he said.

According to Baker, the standout stops in the tour were Cedar Forest Elementary, where students had created an anti-bullying murals that was installed over the summer, and Spotsylvania Middle School, where staff rolled out a literal red carpet for the students.