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Brock Road Elementary is outlawing name-calling

Let’s all take a lesson from Brock Road Elementary this week.

The Spotsylvania elementary school is holding “No Name-Calling Week” today through Friday with the following daily activities to help children understand. This effort has been conducted around the country the past few years in recognition that – in contrast to the old saying about sticks and stones – words can hurt.

You can read more about the national effort.

Here’s what the staff at Brock Road is doing this week.

No Name-Calling Week is celebrated every January around the country and is an effort to end name-calling. Brock Road Elementary School is committed to maintaining a school community that respectful, responsible, and productive. In an effort to maintain our healthy and happy school environment, Brock Road Elementary will be participating in “No Name-Calling Week” by having a Spirit Week. An outline of the spirit week is provided below. Please talk with your children about these topics. 

 Tuesday, Jan. 22nd: Wear two different shoes to symbolize “walking a mile in someone else’s shoes”. Think about how someone else feels when they are being disrespected.
Wednesday, Jan 23rd: Wear any team jersey to show that we all need to work together to be nice, include everyone, and fill each other’s buckets!
Thursday, Jan. 24th: Wear mismatched clothing to express that we are all unique and should celebrate our differences! We care about what is on the inside, not about what people look like on the outside!
Friday, Jan. 25th Wear green and gold to show our school spirit and unite against name-calling!