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Blalock announces merger of Wieland and Lora families

David Lora and Elyce Wieland at the Courthouse precinct in November 2011.

Spotsylvania School Board member Amanda Blalock just congratulated board members Linda Wieland and Ray Lora on Saturday’s wedding of their children.

Ray Lora’s son, David, married Linda Wieland’s daughter, Elyce, on Saturday in Spotsylvania.

Mrs. Blalock brought that up as she commended Courtland’s football team on its victory in Smithfield on Saturday in which the team won the Region I crown. She noted that Lora normally would have been at the game but she forgave his absence, calling the wedding of his son a valid excuse.

Both offspring were out during Ray Lora’s campaign last November.

Mr. Lora noted that David is the youngest of his four sons and a captain in the Army. He also said he has married “the most wonderful young lady on this planet.”