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Chancellor High recognized by School Board for 25th anniversary

The Spotsylvania School Board just recognized the 25th anniversary of Chancellor High School. Principal Jackie Bass Fortune and nine of the original staff members were present for recognition.

The following resolution was signed by all board members and presented at this evening’s meeting.



WHEREAS , as early as August 1984, the Spotsylvania County School Board discussed the need for long-range planning in relation to population growth patterns in the County and the effect of this growth on schools; and

WHEREAS, a long-range planning committee comprised of the school Superintendent, School Board member(s), a member of the community appointed from each district, members of the County’s Board of Supervisors, and the County Planning Director met in June 1985 and established a subcommittee to identify potential school building sites based on current and planned construction in the County; and

WHEREAS, in September 1985, the School Board began reviewing proposals from architectural firms to design and oversee the construction of a high school project and ultimately selected the firm of Smithey and Boynton for this project; and

WHEREAS, on January 2, 1986, the School Board unanimously approved the purchase of approximately 69 acres known as the Bell Tract for the construction of a 1,500 student high school and a 1,000 student intermediate school as well as approximately 12 acres adjacent to this property known as the Freeman Tract to provide space for and construction of sufficient playing fields; and

WHEREAS, on August 11, 1986, the School Board unanimously approved the site plan and building layout for the new high school—an approximate 240,000 square foot facility on two floors at an estimated cost of $52 per square foot or $12.5 million; and

WHEREAS, on December 21, 1987, during a Special Meeting of the School Board, attendance lines for Chancellor High School were approved; and

WHEREAS, on January 11, 1988, the School Board named the first principal of Chancellor High School—John Winston;

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, despite construction delays due to weather, Chancellor High School opened for students on September 6, 1988 and was dedicated to the students and community on September 25, 1988.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the School Board recognizes the Chancellor High School’s twenty-five years of service to the students of Spotsylvania County during the 2012-2013 school year.

Linda Wieland, Chairman

James A. Meyer, Vice-Chair

William M. Blaine, Jr.

Amanda M. Blalock

Ray J. Lora

 J. Gilbert Seaux

Dawn A. Shelley

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