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UPDATE: ‘Summertime Santa’s’ truck is fixed

Richard Foster, 75, is the operator of “Richard’s Ice Cream Express” and the Spotsylvania County man known as the “summertime Santa Claus.”

I’ve just been told that the ice cream truck of the man known as the  ”summertime Santa Claus” has been diagnosed and repaired.

Expect  soon to hear those carnival-like melodies sounding from Richard Foster’s 1979 Chevrolet Step Van in your Spotsylvania County community. If the rains hold off, he might be out as early as Saturday, I hear.

Stay tuned. I’m gathering details on the many ways the community rallied around this beloved Spotsylvania County figure.

In the meantime, you can check out the original story from Sept. 22 that details Mr. Foster’s plight.

You can also check earlier blog posts with videos of Mr. Foster telling his story.