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UPDATE: Two schools added to SOL perfect scores list

Twenty schools from the Fredericksburg region scored a 100 percent pass rate on the new math Standards of Learning tests. Results released by the state this week did not include two of the schools because fewer than 10 students at those schools took the test, Stafford County schools spokeswoman Valerie S. Cottongim said.

Stafford County administrators notified us of the additional two schools – Drew and A.G. Wright middle – whose students saw a 100 percent pass rate for geometry. Those schools up the list for the region from 18 to 20.

Below is the updated list of schools with a perfect score on at least one of the math SOLs.

Congratulations to those students and schools.


  • Caroline Middle School, Caroline County, Algebra I and Geometry.
  • Culpeper Middle, Culpeper County, Algebra I and Geometry.
  • Floyd T. Binns Middle, Culpeper County, Algebra 1 and Geometry.
  • Walker-Grant Middle, Fredericksburg, Geometry.
  • King George Middle, King George County, Algebra I, Geometry and Grade 8 math.
  • Louisa County Middle, Louisa County, Geometry.
  • Locust Grove Middle, Orange County, Geometry.
  • Orange Elementary, Orange County, Grade 6 math.
  • Battlefield Middle, Spotsylvania, Geometry.
  • Freedom Middle, Spotsylvania, Geometry.
  • Ni River Middle, Spotsylvania, Algebra I and Geometry.
  • Post Oak Middle, Spotsylvania, Geometry.
  • Dixon-Smith Middle, Stafford County, Geometry.
  • H.H. Poole Middle, Stafford, Geometry.
  • Rodney E. Thompson Middle, Stafford, Algebra I and Geometry.
  • Shirley C. Heim Middle, Stafford, Algebra I.
  • Stafford Middle, Stafford, Geometry.
  • T. Benton Gayle Middle, Stafford, Geometry.
  • Edward E. Drew Middle, Stafford, Geometry.
  • A.G. Wright Middle, Stafford, Geometry.