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Ni River Middle dress code bans sagging pants, cleavage, wallet chains and skin art displays

Ni River Middle School Principal Veronne Davis sent a statement to parents this week regarding appropriate dress when students return to the Spotsylvania County school on Tuesday. In addition to what’s stated in the Code of C0nduct, Ms. Davis distributed the following information regarding proper attire for students.

  1. No wallet chains are to be worn to school
  2. Pants should be worn at the waist, not sagging etc.
  3. No writing on skin that is visible
  4. Tops should be of a modest cut/design (no cleavage)
Earlier this summer, Riverbend High School Principal Troy Wright issued a statement along the same lines, which garnered overwhelming public support in an online survey on this blog. Below are highlights of what he distributed.
  • Skirts/shorts/dresses cannot be shorter than 3″ above the knee.
  • Pants/shorts must sit at the hips. They must not sag so that undergarments can be seen. It is not sufficient for shirts to cover up undergarments.  Undergarments must be completely covered by pants/shorts.
  • No cleavage. The chest area needs to be covered from armpit to armpit. If a scoop neck or v-neck shirt is below the armpit then a camisole or undershirt must be worn.
The message Dr. Wright distributed stated: “Student dress should reflect the notion that school is a place of business where student learning is the highest priority.”