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Superintendent Redinger sends message to staff on last day of school

Dr. Shelley Redinger

Below is a message Spotsylvania Superintendent Shelley Redinger sent to staff today, the last day of classes.

Dr. Redinger leaves at the end of the school year to become superintendent of the public schools in Spokane, Wash. She spent one year as the division’s leader.

What a year this has been! The first day of school was canceled due to an earthquake and then no snow days. Through it all we met the challenges and worked as a team to attain many successes.

I have truly been impressed by the commitment of staff members to provide a quality education to every student in caring schools. I saw it time and time again when visiting schools, talking with staff, students, and parents. Our 2012 graduates have done us proud as well; more than 75% will continue on to post-secondary education and others will be serving in the military. Every staff member can take pride in knowing they played a role in this accomplishment.

A big part of the past year has revolved around budget. It seems that we have been discussing budgets and streamlining measures for most of the year. As we move forward budget will remain a challenging endeavor as funding sources continue to be strained. It will be important for everyone to be an advocate for public education, our excellent educators, and the programs that are needed to best educate Spotsylvania’s children.

Thank you for your dedication and great work this past year. It has been my pleasure to serve with you. I wish you the very best as you continue to create vibrant learning opportunities for all students. 

Have a safe and fun summer.