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Redinger’s Spokane (Wash.) contract includes clause on how to break it but nothing about reimbursing relocation costs

Dr. Shelley Redinger

Spotsylvania Superintendent Shelley K. Redinger’s contract with Spokane, Wash., schools pays relocation expenses to cover moving her household belongings, family and vehicles cross country.

And, like the contract she’s been released from in Spotsylvania, it says nothing about reimbursement should she decide to leave before fulfilling her term, which in Spokane is three years.

Redinger begins as head of the Spokane Public Schools on July 1. She succeeds Nancy J. Stowell who announced in December that she would be retiring at the end of this school year.

Stowell’s contract shows she had been scheduled to leave one year later—on June 30, 2013.

Spotsylvania School Board members debated whether to ask Redinger to reimburse the county for her relocation expenses because she is leaving after the first year of her four-year contract.

However, the board released her from her contract on April 23 after a closed-door meeting.

Afterward, board members Amanda Blalock and Dawn Shelley, who said their constituents were clamoring for them to seek some or all of those costs back, said the contract did not address reimbursement so it was not pursued.

They and board Chairwoman Linda Wieland have said they anticipate using a revised contract when the next Spotsylvania superintendent is hired.

The Spokane contract spells out five methods of terminating it: mutual agreement; retirement or resignation; disability; discharge; or death.

The Spotsylvania contract only spells out how the board could remove a superintendent: by discharge or termination without cause.

Beyond that, it has a catch-all statement that says: “All changes, amendments, and modifications to this contract shall be in writing and executed by both the Superintendent and the Board.”

Redinger received $20,000, the maximum allowed for relocating last summer from Oregon to Virginia.

That amount covered a professional mover to bring the family’s belongings, her flight and shipping of her vehicle.

The Spokane contract could pay a bit more.

It instructs her to get three bids for a professional mover and says it will pay an amount equal to the lowest bid.

It also pays travel, meals and lodging up to $3,000 for moving Redinger, her husband, son, and their vehicles.

Redinger is getting a roughly $60,000 increase in salary and retirement benefits in moving to Spokane.

However, her Spotsylvania package provides a $6,000 annual car allowance whereas Spokane will reimburse her mileage for business travel.

In Spotsylvania, she receives a salary of $170,000 plus $10,000 annually toward a tax-sheltered annuity, for a total of $180,000.

The Spokane contract pays her a salary of $214,285, plus 12 percent more for a tax sheltered annuity. That 12 percent calculates to $25,714.20, giving an annual package of $239,999.20.