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Redinger’s moving expense invoices detailed

Dr. Shelley Redinger

UPDATE: The story is now online.

I’ve obtained the invoices for Spotsylvania Superintendent Shelley K. Redinger’s relocation expenses.

She was given up to $20,000 in her contract with the school division but it cost her much more to make the move from Oregon to Virginia last summer.

It cost nearly $19,000 just to ship her family’s household belongings cross country.

Some school board members are saying they want some or all of those expenses reimbursed now that Dr. Redinger is leaving the division after her first year as Spotsylvania superintendent.

She had signed a four-year contract when she was hired in February 2011 but plans to leave at the end of the school year to become superintendent of the Spokane (Wash.) Public Schools.

Dr. Redinger is a native of Washington and has relatives in Spokane who are seriously ill. She had not been job-hunting but agreed to consider the move to the district that is a bit larger than Spotsylania’s because of the family health issues.

The School Board is expected to discuss releasing Dr. Redinger from her contract on Monday.

You can check out the full details in my story, which should be online and in print soon.