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Blalock will ask for reimbursement of Redinger’s moving expenses

Dr. Shelley Redinger

UPDATE: Superintendent Redinger just called back. She had little to say in response to Amanda Blalock’s plan to ask that she reimburse the division for her moving expenses as part of releasing her from her contract in Spotsylvania.

“Once the School Board has met and has discussed the situation, we’ll go from there,” Redinger said.

The School Board is scheduled to meet in closed session this evening to discuss Redinger’s contract. Thus far, Blalock and board member Ray Lora have said they would like her to reimburse the division.

Her contract does not address what happens if she wishes to leave before the four-year contract has been fulfilled.

Blalock said she does not fault the contract but expects the board to talk about revised wording for the contract with the next superintendent.

UPDATE: Superintendent Shelley K. Redinger spent more than $20,000 in relocating from Oregon to Virginia, schools spokeswoman Rene Daniels said.

Redinger paid the additional expenses herself and was reimbursed for the $20,000 that was allowed under her contract with the school division, Daniels said.


Spotsylvania School Board member Amanda Blalock will ask outgoing Superintendent Shelley K. Redinger to reimburse the county for the relocation expenses she received for moving here last summer.

Board member Ray Lora said he supports the request because he thinks that is fair to the county.

“What I’m getting from the Board of Supervisors is that we need to get that money back,” Lora said.

Redinger was chosen by Spokane (Wash.) Public Schools on Saturday as that division’s next superintendent. She is to start on July 1.

However, before that happens, the

Amanda Blalock

Spotsylvania School Board must release her from the four-year contract she signed in February 2011. That contract allowed her to receive up to $20,000 in moving expenses.

Redinger moved her family from Oregon to Spotsylvania last summer. She started as the division’s superintendent on July 1 and had been expected to stay long-term. However, after her mother’s health began deteriorating over the past year, she was willing to consider relocating to Spokane, where her parents live.

The search firm looking to find a successor to Spokane’s retiring superintendent reached out to Redinger in February, she said.

The Spotsylvania School Board meets in a work session this evening. During the meeting, it is expected to meet in closed session regarding Redinger’s contract.

Redinger has not yet signed a contract in Spokane but that is expected to be finalized April 25.

Blalock said her decision to ask for reimbursement of all of the relocation costs is a business decision, not a reflection on the superintendent.

“My decision on that comes with absolutely no animosity or anger toward Dr. Redinger,” Blalock said. “She’s a superstar at what she does.”

“It has been made crystal clear to me by my constituents, that is an area they want me to approach.”

Redinger could not be reached for comment this morning.

Below is the comment she put out to the Spotsylvania community on Saturday after being selected for the Spokane job.

It is with conflicting emotions today that I announce that I have accepted the offer to become the next superintendent of the Spokane Public Schools in Spokane, Washington. During the past few days, I have participated in several forums and interviews with Spokane Public Schools stakeholders to determine if I was the right match for this position and vice-versa. Throughout that process, I was continually reminded of the wonderful position I already have, of the great progress and relationships we have achieved, and the wonderful potential Spotsylvania has for an amazing future. At the same time, my decision to look at the Spokane opportunity was reinforced by the desire they have to also provide a great future for their kids, and by the time I was able to visit with some of my ailing family members.

I will be requesting to the School Board that I be released me from my current contract as of June 30, 2012. My contract with Spokane Public Schools commences on July 1, 2012. Until that time, I will work as diligently as ever to support the direction of the School Board so that the transition to new leadership will be as seamless as possible and our mission of educating our kids remains our primary focus. I have loved the opportunity that Spotsylvania has provided and the welcome that the community has given to me and my family.  Even though my stay was short, I have great hopes that the things we have accomplished will serve the Division and community well now and into the future.  It has been my pleasure to serve the students of Spotsylvania County Schools.