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School Board approves new report card for early elementary grades

The School Board on Monday unanimously approved a new report card that is geared toward providing better communication to parents about how their early elementary children are doing in the classroom.

 The new report cards will be put in place for the 2012-13 school year and will use a 4-point numeric scale to more precisely convey how a student is progressing academically.

 The cards will still have space for teachers to make additional comments but will be standards-based, meaning students will be evaluated against a standard for all areas of academic proficiency, according to Carol Flenard, the division’s executive director of instruction.

 The current report card uses three letters for feedback: ‘E’ for excellent progress, ‘S’ for satisfactory progress, or ‘T’ for time needed to develop.

The division will be reaching out to parents with information about the new report cards before they are put into place for the coming school year.