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Courtland team, spelling bee contenders, governor’s school candidates and J.J. Wright recognized

Courtland High School’s championship girls’ basketball team was just recognized by the School Board. That recognition included the players, managers and coaches.

The following students and schools were also recognized by the School Board at tonight’s meeting. Below are details provided by the division:

  • Morgan Johns, a seventh grade student at Ni River Middle School, placed third, and Molly Mansfield, an eighth grade student at Spotsylvania Middle School, placed fourth at the Regional Spelling Bee  held March 17. Morgan went out after 18 rounds, Molly after 20 rounds.
  • The John J. Wright Blended Learning Alternative Education Program was selected to receive a Plaque of Recognition to call attention to its quality and significant contribution to education in Virginia.  In addition, they will receive a monetary award in the amount of $500 to be used to support and enhance the program.
  • High school students nominated for the Summer Residential Governor’s Schools were introduced.  Students applied for Visual and Performing Arts, academic programs, and Foreign Language Academies.  This is a very competitive process both within the division and state-wide. 
  • Following is a list of the 2012 Summer Residential Governor’s Schools and Foreign Language Academy students.

1. Adam Allison – Music

2. Kristen Armstrong – Math, Science, and Technology

3. Jo-Anna Bleach – Humanities

4. Elisabeth Borst – Humanities

5. Amber Bouchard – Humanities

6. Stephanie Buckler – Latin

7. Xia Chen – Visual Arts

8. Kayla Clark – Dance

9. Sawyer Czarnecki – Spanish

10. Elizabeth Davis – Life Sicences and Medicine

11. Michaela Daye – Music

12. Naana Ewool – German

13. Elaina Farmer – Math, Science, and Technology

14. Kirkland Fehrman – Latin

15. Cleandre Foster – Music

16. Brion Harrison – Latin

17. Nicole Hauber – Visual Arts

18. Angel Houston

19. Meredith Jackson – Theatre

20. Amanda Keller – Theatre

21. Brenna Kerby – Theatre

22. Jochebed Koomson – French

23. Marie Kreck – Music

24. Emily Lett – Theatre

25. Cody Lyon – Latin

26. Collin Mason – Agriculture

27. Adam Maung – German

28. Anna Mellott – Life Sciences and Medicine

29. Anna Meppen – German

30. Stacia Merryman – Visual Arts

31. Sara Meyer – Humanities

32. Sara Miller – Math, Science and Technology

33. Megan Nieto – Humanities

34. Stephan Noonen – Life Sciences and Medicine

35. Kaitlyn Orris – Spanish

36. Breanna Owen – Theatre

37. Yun Park – Music

38. Savannah Patterson – Visual Arts

39. Alexander Peters – Music

40. Katherine Quinn – Humanities

41. Nikkita Rivera – Math, Science and Technology

42. Anna Ross – French

43. Lauren Singleton – French

44. August Valentour – Engineering NASA

45. Alison Wheeland – Visual Arts

46. Landon Wilcox – Life Sciences and Medicine