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Redinger cutting three assistant superintendent positions

By Pamela Gould

Spotsylvania Superintendent Shelley K. Redinger on Monday announced budget cuts totaling nearly $1 million that eliminate three assistant superintendent positions for the 2012-13 school year.

The assistant superintendent for technology position is being eliminated outright. Bill Flaherty, who currently holds that position was approved for retirement at Monday’s School Board meeting. That would be effective July 1.

The assistant superintendent for administrative services position would be reclassified to executive director of operations. The assistant superintendent for human resources slot would be reclassified as executive director of human resources. Those two reclassifications save $64,175, according to data released by the division Monday night.

Overall, Redinger’s streamlining results in the net decrease of eight full-time equivalents for fiscal 2013, which begins July 1.

The School Board needs to trim Redinger’s original budget proposal by $6.6 million to present a balanced budget to the Board of Supervisors next month. The plan she presented on Jan. 23 was underfunded by that amount. Her goal is to give employees a 2.5 percent cost-of-living increase and restore 20 teaching positions.

The board held a budget work session after Monday night’s meeting. Redinger announced long-awaited cuts during that session.

Some of the changes Redinger announced move people from central office back into the classroom to achieve her goal of better using staff to support classroom instruction.

The energy manager position falls into that category. It would be eliminated and that individual would be moved into a vacant teaching position in the next school year.

Redinger noted in her presentation that the division will have cut central office positions by 24.9 full-time equivalents over the past four  years if her proposal is accepted. The total savings is about $2.4 million from those cuts.

As an additional cost-cutting measure, Redinger is also proposing a pay freeze for herself and top administrators for next year.