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Video from Monday’s meeting about Lora’s possible censure

We just finished uploading the video I shot from Monday’s School Board meeting. What you’ll see here is what the board members had to say after exiting the closed session in which they discussed possible discipline of Livingston District board member Ray Lora.

Lora violated two board policies and a portion of the code of ethics during his re-election campaign. He spoke for 15 minutes during public comment time of Monday’s meeting, apologizing for his actions on Nov. 3. That night, he placed campaign pens and wooden nickels inside teachers’ boxes in the office of Spotsylvania High School after attending a play there.

He won re-election five days later, holding onto the seat he’s held since 2004. He won by 21 votes in a three-man race.

Four members of the board went into closed session on Monday. They were behind closed doors for nine minutes on Lora’s issue. They had said they were considering censuring Lora for his actions but after the closed session, took no action. The video documents their comments after the closed session.

In the video, board chairman Gil Seaux is on the left. He was joined behind closed doors by, from left to right, Linda Wieland, Marty Wilder and Jim Gillespie.

Board member Amanda Blalock objected to the closed session and did not participate. Lora did not go behind closed doors either. He left while the four were deliberating.

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