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Wilder offers views on next board’s challenges

Outgoing Chancellor Board member Marty Wilder congratulated the newly elected School Board members but added that they have a tough job ahead in dealing with the next budget.

“There’s much to build on but I think the next board will really have its work cut out for it,” he said.

He said this year’s 1 percent cost-of-living increase and $600 bonus are small increases, especially given how long employees waited for any pay hike.

He also said activity buses and additional sports would be great but it would be hard to fund them.

After making those comments, he offered to “do whatever I can to help.”

Board colleague Ray Lora thanked Wilder for his service as a School Board member and said he would be using as a “guiding principle” the question: “How would Marty Wilder vote on this issue?”

He added that “you have served this county well.”