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Community responds to homeless students

When my colleague Amy Umble wrote two stories last week about the struggles of homeless students within the school division, the community responded with a variety of gifts and funds.

See her story in today’s paper, or the stories that prompted the response that ran on March 20 and March 21.

Today, I also learned about a division-wide effort this month that was launched by Courtland Elementary Principal Sherri Steele and her staff to help meet the needs of homeless students. They got a great response as well, including a donation of $400 by the division’s maintenance staff.

Kudos to all who have reached out to help people in need. Needs are ongoing, so don’t miss out if you haven’t yet helped.

Amy’s story reports that the following are still needed:

Stafford and Spotsylvania county school systems are struggling to meet the needs of a fast-growing homeless population. Some of their most urgent needs include:Laundry detergent

Socks and underwear


Slow cookers

Supplies for summer activities for kids in motels: chalk, bubbles, jump ropes.

To help, call 540/840-0950 or 540/899-6213.

Supplies may also be dropped off at the following Spotsylvania schools: Spotswood Elementary, 400 Lorraine Ave., or Courthouse Academy, located behind the county government building and beside Robert E. Lee Elementary on Brock Road.


  • ed newell

    nice job . folks have always helped kids like that out and more of the right kinda help won’t hurt. thats a key point. there is help and them there is enabling. watch out for that line lest you create a problem rather than help

  • nichole

    Wow!! Im sure that these schools are merely helping not enabling afterall even with what is being given im sure it is not exactly making the childrens or adults life easier. Plus I am sure they don’t want to be homeless or without. Most don’t choose this especially the children. We should treat others how we want to be treated if it were us. Help when we can and Let god be all of our judge