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Courtland High student dies after Friday accident

A 15-year-old Courtland High School student died yesterday after being struck by a car the day before, Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Lt. Col. Mike Timm said today.

Shanta Scott, a sophomore, was struck while walking on the shoulder of Cobblestone Drive in the Holleybrooke subdivision at 4:57 p.m. Friday, Timm said.

The driver of the car was a 16-year-old Courtland High School junior, Timm said. No charges are expected.

Both girls lived in the subdivision where the accident occurred.

Timm said Shanta was walking on the shoulder of the road with headphones on with music so loud a friend walking on the opposite shoulder could hear it. She was also texting someone when the accident occurred, he said.

The driver had just turned from a side street onto Cobblestone Drive and was blinded by the sun, he said.

Deputies went back to the scene yesterday at the time of the accident and confirmed that the sun is directly in a driver’s eyes at that location at that time of day, Timm said.

It was “just a tragic accident,” Timm said. “Obviously, the pedestrian wasn’t paying attention and couldn’t hear and the driver was blinded by the sun.”

I’ll have more on this tragedy in tomorrow’s Free Lance-Star.


  • SubyRoo

    Ive been passed on Holleybrooke drive by Ahole resident drivers….you dont have to tell me about speeding in a neighborhood…this one needs either more speed bumps or stop signs at every intersecting road.

  • Bubba22

    Do any of us over the age of 21 really want to hang our hat on some of the things we did at 15. Playing loud music was the least of our problems. Friday afternoon. Home from school, weekend ahead and maybe plans with friends. Good mood and loud music don’t sound all that out of control. Walking on the road. Not running back and forth asking for trouble. Let it go. It’s an accident. My Ped rants were in defense of the driver and her being called out and some on here saying she should get the death penalty. Once again it was the all the wrong variables coming together to cause a community tragedy.

  • http://NoCharge??!! Keturah Ellis

    This is NOT right . Blinded by the sun ?? No , the girl should have been payin attention . Reagardless , that’s why the have sunglasses , if you have a car I’m pretty sure you can afford some sun glasses . Shante was one of my close friends . And because she was listening to music and texting , they get no charge ? Her life was taken from her and she had no say in it what so ever . Someone so innocent JUST walkin , and she was soo young . I’m hoping and prayin the Scotts fight for this . REST IN PARADISE SHANTE <3