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Line-by-line budget information

Many people have expressed interest in being able to see a line-by-line accounting of the budget proposal for the coming school year.

I pulled it from the School Board’s documents list to try to make it easier for you to find it. Open up your Excel program and then click here. Depending on your computer, it might take a little time to upload. It’s a big Excel spreadsheet and one the board used at a recent budget work session.

There are several tabs. The one that probably has what you were seeking is Tab 14E.

If this process doesn’t work, below are the steps to get it from the school division web site.

Go to

Under School Board, select School Board agenda.

Select “meetings” and then the Jan. 28, 2011 budget work session. Choose “View the agenda” and select item 4.01. Scroll through that item until you find the Excel spreadsheet. That has the budget details.

Note: As the file opens, when you get the question about updates, just choose “don’t update.”

I hope this helps.


  • Steve T.

    Thank you very much for this Pam.

    If our prodding was a part of why this info was assembled and released, then I’m glad we asked it of the system.