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Buses have tough time in morning commute; budget info online

At least three Spotsylvania County school buses ran into problems getting children to school this morning despite the division starting schools two hours later than usual.

Here are a few details about the first two.

My colleague Jeff Branscome is working on a story that addresses that for tomorrow’s paper.

Coincidentally, Superintendent Jerry Hill sent a message to parents yesterday to address criticism the division received after Wednesday’s snow. In it, he explains the challenges involved in having an early release and issues that come into play in making decisions related to weather.

Also, all after-school activities for today have been cancelled. High school parent conferences have been moved to Feb. 2; middle school conferences have been moved to Feb. 3.

I spent the morning at the School Board’s budget work session, which I’ll be writing up for tomorrow’s paper.

In the meantime, you can check online to see the data the board looked at. It’s under “School Board” via the Spotsylvania County Schools web site.


  • jj

    I’m tired of hearing parents complain. If you don’t think the weather is safe to travel in, keep your children home or go pick them up. Just because your child are enrolled in school does not mean you are relieved of the ability to use your own critical thinking skills.

  • rt

    I agree…if it’s an issue so important to you that you have to call the school board, complain, and write nasty messages, then you should just take your kids to school. Or keep your child home. If they cancelled school and no snow happened, the same group of parents would be on here complaining about that too.

  • B

    Hey RT the school board has access to the Internet right? All they needed to do was check the radar and see that the snow was coming. Then they could have made an informed decision on closing school. Don’t need a weather report, just some common sense.

  • Steve T.

    Actually, I am much more concerned about the budget details. So far, Hill has provided us some slop on a bad PPT and not a real line-by-line budget with details. Without a real budget to look at, how can anyone have confidence in this guy’s numbers? Talk about senioritis.