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Update: Wilder and Blalock spar over censure

Spotsylvania School Board member Marty Wilder responded this week to criticism directed at the board as a result of its censure of board member Amanda Blalock on Dec. 13.

He made remarks from a prepared statement in attempt to explain the process during Monday’s board meeting.

Yesterday, Blalock fired back with a statement of her own.

See the full story in Wednesday’s Free Lance-Star.

You can see comments from my earlier post on the issue.


  • Bill Haas

    The Wilder “statement” does not reveal the specific “misdeeds” for which Ms. Blalock was censured. Since that was the principal reason for criticism from the “masses”; I do not understand what Wilder hoped to achieve with his statement.

    Likewise, Blalock’s statement was not revealing and simply a reassertion of her position already taken.

    The following excerpt from Wilder refers to the “misdeeds” in general terms.

    “The matter which came before the school board in December resulted from personnel investigations that were separately initiated in June and November. Both investigations were based on specific referrals made to the administration and were focused on staff members and not on any school board member. In the course of the first investigation, a series of email messages between various school employees and Ms. Blalock came to the attention of the administration. When these emails were initially discovered by the administration in June, they were sealed on advice of legal counsel and not shared with school board members due to the personnel matters involved. However, when a second investigation was begun in November involving a completely separate referral focusing on another employee, the same email messages once again became germane. At that time, because the personnel circumstances were different, legal counsel advised the administration to share the information with the school board.”

    Whatever the “misdeeds” were, these emails contain the details. It is now clear that the public will likely never know the specifics of those “misdeeds.” Even the use of freedom of information procedures are unlikely to make revelations because the information will be heavily redacted. This situation is clearly heavily “lawyered up.”

    I have concluded that whatever the “misdeeds,” a number of people and perhaps the SB or the school administration stood to be potentially embarrassed by the revelation. The censure seems to have avoided embarrassment forever.

  • ed newell

    at least one school board member should be very embarassed

  • Steve T.

    I have a recommendation for the FLS techie team.

    This blog is pretty informative and useful. It would be good to link it from the “Spotsylvania” page of the site. That way all Spotsy-related stuff could be from one place.

    This issue could have gone away if Wilder just said “I’m sorry” or not said anyting at all. Not that public debate is bad- I encourage it- but we could also be focusing on the incredibly vague and nondetailled “budget” that Dr. Hill put forward this week. No line by lines or anything.

  • Bill Haas

    Interesting post Steve….perhaps the Wilder thingy is all part of the game plan?

  • ed newell

    lol you trying to out disingenuous ms transparency steve? good attempt shes still got you beat. did you read her latest statement? “she still doesn’t know what she did?” give me a break
    and this?
    “This issue could have gone away if Wilder just said “I’m sorry” or not said anyting at all. ”

    is a real is your inability to see that.

    whats best though is how many more people are becoming aware of what shes done as a board/parent

  • http://Yahoo Ed Baker

    Yes, Ed, we all know how you are far more brilliant and aware than this entire town and board. I would like to thank Ms. Blalock for apparently giving you a reason to get up each day. I don’t know what is in her emails and it appears the board members can’t recall specific emails which supported the censure. I don’t excuse her email use or what might be in the emails. Since the board did not remove her voting privileges, I can’t imagine the messages read like my wife’s beach reading books. Don’t bother to respond to my post, Ed, your opinion means nothing to me.

  • ed newell

    hey ed you never did reveal your info about “my neighbor…. you know the one you claimed worked on the case? was feeding me info? after you “researched my address”? don’t play coy ed thats blalocks role.

  • http://UmqaoU GIVEMEABREAK2M

    Well, now that Ms. Blalock has basically called Mr. Wilder a lier I have strong concerns if this school board can work together for the betterment of the school division and the students.

  • ed newell

    in order to out and out call him a liar she would have to come clean. and shes not gonna do that too embarrassing. now think on that. in this case where shes already made a statement :i did not have an affair” openly she needs to hide the emails cause THEY are too embarrassing.