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School Board member to seek supervisors seat

Salem District School Board member Don Holmes just told me he is seeking the Salem District seat on the Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisors in November.

That means the Salem District will need a new School Board member. Holmes said if anyone is interested, he’d be happy to chat about what is involved in the position.

Four School Board seats will be on the ballot this fall. The Salem, Chancellor, Courtland and Livingston district seats are all up for election.

To reach Don Holmes, call 540/786-1168 or email him at:

Stay tuned. I’ll be posting additional details.


  • Steve Thomas

    Holmes is the worst possible candidate for this seat,

    You could start with the 2 DUIs.

    Or the 50% of school board meetings missed in 2010.

    In 2008, he voted for a promotion for his wife without disclosing the conflict of interest.

    He followed this up by his infamous comments that he didn’t see the supposed emails of Amanda Blalock’s, but supported the censure anyway- then proceeded to take her place as Vice-chair of the School board.

    This guy is corrked as the day is long, and the residents of Salem deserve much much better.

  • http://Yahoo Ed Baker

    How is he talking about Blalock being immoral with two DUIs? This fiasco never ceases to amaze me.

  • Steve Thomas

    No, Holmes has 2 DUIs. Blalock has none- and is also not seeking a promotion.

  • bhaas

    THIS is NOT good news for Spotsylvania.

  • Steve Thomas

    Agreed Bill. I love Gary Jackson, straight arrow, but Don Holmes is simply not cut from the same cloth. The county needs someone who is interested in accountability, and Don is not that guy.

  • http://yahoo Ed Baker

    It seems Holmes is interested in accountability for SOME. Fair is fair…why no censure for Gillespie? Why no concern over DUIs and openly claiming “the rumors made my decision”? We are a bit lax on facts.