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School Board may have violated meetings law in censure

The Spotsylvania County School Board may have violated the state’s open meetings law in going into closed session to discuss the possible censure of a board member last week, according to an opinion from the state’s Freedom of Information Act Advisory Council.

School Board Chairman Gil Seaux and the board’s attorney say the board had the authority to act as it did on Dec. 13.

Check out tomorrow’s Free Lance-Star for the full story.


  • JOhn Gilmer

    Tee hee! It seems to “board chairman” forget the the board’s first responsibilities are to Virginia Law and the voters who put them in authority.

    They DON’T work for the school superintendent.

    I hope that as the story develops we get the names of the two lawyers who seem to have a major difference on Virginia law. ONE OF THEM IS WRONG! Which one is it?