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Censure coverage continues; check the ethics standards

I’m continuing to seek more information related to this week’s censure of a Spotsylvania County School Board member.

While you wait for the next story, here’ a look at the School Board’s code of ethics.

Check tomorrow’s Free Lance-Star for the next installment.


  • havingfun

    Why not also talk about what the role and duties of SB Members too? It seems some on the Board don’t understand their role. They are not to be involved in the day-to-day running of the district…they are policy makers and overseers. However, they are also employees and held to the same rules as employees, regardless if they were elected or not. So, they sign a contract that makes them subject to the same rules and policies as every other employee.

  • bhaas

    “havingfun” makes some excellent suggestions.

    For a number of years our school board has acted as though once elected, they could do as they please. Does that remind you of another “bunch” of elected folks.

    I have news for them. WE elected them and WE can not reelect them.

    BTW, “havingfun’s” suggestions apply equally well to the superintendent and his “super” staff.

  • Ed Baker

    Havingfun, Blalock said Hill directed his employee to tell the parent she could not attend meeting. If a parent requests her support, and Hill blocks it, that is wrong. My God, if Blalock is willing to help her constituents, why do you have a problem with that? How nice to have politicians who meet and help folks!