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Update: Video from censure hearing just posted

I’ve been spending the day seeking more information on yesterday’s censure of Spotsylvania School Board Member Amanda Blalock.

You can read the censure resolution for yourself.

To watch video of the public part of Monday’s censure hearing, click here and select the “Spotsylvania School Board” item.

Check tomorrow’s Free Lance-Star for my next report on the topic.


  • havingfun

    Wow – I only watched about half of her comments and that was enough! The part where she started talking about not being able to attend a confidential meeting with a parent was enough. Board Members are not elected to represent parents at meetings! Yikes! They are not allowed to see confidential student data unless it is for action at a meeting. They do not, by law, have run of the school division. Geesh! She needs to go back and read her SB Handbook and get some better knowledge of her role. SB members are to set district policies and calendars and finances…they are not elected to get into every single bit of the running of the school district…that is why staff are hired. I think she is really overstepping her job here and I am ashamed that she represents my district. Her comments were so childish…saying, yes, I did it, but so does everyone else…boo hoo, boo hoo. Stand up and take responsibility for your own actions and lead by example.

  • Ed Baker

    With all due respect Havingfun, you remind me of my daughters when they were 12. Clearly, you prefer gossip and rumors over listening for facts. I hope you would expect someone accused so vaguely of improper email usage to offer a reason and explanation. I guess, judging from your language, you wanted Blalock to cry or resign. I would tell my wife to stand up to bullying too.