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School Board censures Blalock

The Spotsylvania County School Board this evening voted to censure Lee Hill District Board member Amanda Blalock.

Board member Marty Wilder made the motion to censure. Board member Jim Gillespie seconded the motion. Board chair Gil Seaux and Board member Linda Wieland voted in support of the motion.

Board members Ray Lora and Don Holmes were not present.

Blalock voted against the censure.

For more information, read tomorrow’s Free Lance-Star.


  • havingfun

    Interesting. I read the article and I can’t believe that instead of defending herself and being professional, that she just took the opportunity to slam someone else. Geesh. I don’t know Dr. Hill or whether any of this is true, but either way, she should never have used that time to slam him in public. That is just lame and immature.
    I know who I won’t be voting for in the next SB election.

  • bhaas

    Interesting situation there in the board room. However, the story, so far, seems rather thin on concrete details of the “crime.”

    A few years ago the superintendent found himself in court defending his actions. He was NOT censured; he was given a raise and an extension to his contract. Another interesting situation in that board room.

    It is my sense that those “on the inside” that go against the grain defined by certain others “on the inside” end up getting taken to the woodshed.

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