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Update: Chancellor student remains critical

The seventh grader from Chancellor Middle School who was struck by a car on Wednesday remained in critical condition this morning.

Zach Morrison, 12, was struck while crossing Harrison Road near Meadow Park Drive about 2:45 p.m. Wednesday.

Classmates and others in the community have been expressing their concern for Zach and his family.

Yesterday, Chancellor Principal J. Calvin Frye sent a letter home to parents telling them of the accident and providing tips on helping children deal with the situation.


  • Brennan’s Mom

    Our prayers are with you Zach! Stay strong! And get better!

  • Angela

    Our thoughts and prayers are with Zach and his family.

  • Tom

    Zach hang in there buddy our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  • John Pearce

    Zach hang in there. I was hurt bad in a accident a few years ago and I know what you are going through. Keep praying and stay strong and everything will be alright . My prayers go out to you and your family.

  • Melissa

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Zach. Stay stong and full of faith!

  • April & Eddie Deane

    We are so sorry to hear about this!! If there is anything we can do to assist you family or brother at this time, please let us kow! Our prayers are with you, hang strong!!

  • John Dolan

    Get well soon Zach. You’re one of my best friends and I miss you.

  • Isabel

    Oh my gosh! I’ve known him since k’garten because we went to the same summer camp and now THIS happens?! This just isn’t right!!!

  • Sierra.s in civics

    Zach hang in there. All of CMS miss you. thoughts and prayes with you and your family. all of civics class miss you. get well:)

  • susie diaz

    zach ur my buddy i never realized how important u are to me until now. i hope u get better soon ur in my prayers. :)

  • Isabel

    And I meant this isn’t right for him, not that it wasn’t right for me. There is no reason that someone so young should be in so much pain and suffering. No one should go through that! No one! I feel bad for the family, for the OTHER friends and for everyone else!

  • Teddy

    I am so grateful that Zach is till alive and I hope everything will be better soon. I miss him so much right now and I wish him best. I know he can get through this. I love you Zach

  • Carson

    Zach. I really hope You get better soon. P.E. sucks without you there. D: We at CMS miss you. and you need to get better and fight for livin life. I hope i get to see you again…

  • http://none Bailey

    Zach, I wish the best for you! May God lead you to the road of recovery! hang in there!!!! you are in my prayers and in my churches prayers!!! :)

  • Liz

    Zach, God has his strong loving arms around you. He will never let you down.

  • tj hall

    i am so sorry to hear this i went to camp with him he was a good kid telll him to get beter for me

  • Nicole Allard

    Holy crap Zach this shouldn’t happen to kids like you. Your a good kid. Even if you piss me off when I get charie horses and laugh or push me and Marnia in the pool.That’s Zach being Zach and having fun. Your a good kid get well you got a life ahead of you. Just for hearing this I’m going to my old private school and ask them to have a mass just for you. My god don’t die.

  • Hannah Hatfield

    Zach, you WILL stay alive. I know you will. It’s so unfair that you have to be put through all this pain. Everyones been crying throughout the week, and practically the whole school has just gotten less exciting… I can’t wait to visit you in the hospital the minute I can, you mean so much to all of us; those doctors BETTER work their butts off! Miss ya, heal up soooon .(:

  • Amanda from Chorus!

    Zach we miss you and we all pray for you every day!!! :’( all the 7th graders in Chorus didn’t sing at all we all just cried. I really Hope you get better cause I really miss you and I wanna see you soooooo badly!!!! PLEASE HEAL SOON I <3 YOU!!!

  • Morgan From HOMEROOM!!!

    Zach I miss u sooooo much I miss seeing you in homeroom and science. i miss your smiling face !!!!!!! I LOVE U!!!!!!! GET BETTER SOON !!!!!!!!

  • Samantha from Y Camp

    Zach, you are in my prayers! I have faith that God is going to bring you through this. Have faith! Get well soon!



  • connor

    am i seriously the only one here that thinks calling the article about a little kid being hit by a car and put in critical condition, “getting schooled’. Is it supposed to add a humorous spin to it?
    Come on..

  • connor

    am i seriously the only one here that thinks calling th article about a little kid being hit by a car and put into critical condition “getting schooled” is wrong