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Update on Chancellor Middle student

The Chancellor Middle School student struck by a car on Harrison Road yesterday remained in critical condition this morning at Inova Fairfax Hospital, his stepfather said.

The 12-year-old seventh grader was airlifted yesterday after he was struck by the car about 2:45 p.m. He underwent surgery last night, Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Lt. Col. Mike Timm said.

The boy apparently ran onto Harrison Road near Meadow Park Drive and was struck by an oncoming car, Timm said.

Timm was still gathering details this morning but said the driver of the vehicle is a 35-year-old Fredericksburg man. He said several other drivers witnessed the accident.

As of this morning, Timm did not expect charges to be brought against the driver of the vehicle that struck the student.


  • Kristina Atwood

    I have known Zack for a while now and i just hope he is ok. when i heard what happened at school, i could barely even stay for the rest of the day. God bless Zack and His family. We love you.

  • Amanda Shaw

    I love you Zach!! I’m praying for all of you! When your better, you can bet your going to get some good presents from me and your cousins!

  • briana mchugh

    zach is my best guy friend so everyone reading this plz pray for zach hes a good guy he doesnt deserve what happened to him so plz pray for him ever 7th grader at cms is worried about him

  • Diane Morrison

    Zach is my Grandson and is fighting for his life. Our entire family thanks each one who is praying for Zach and ask for your continued prayers. He has great medical care, the love and support of all his family and friends, but to get him to survive this, he needs your continued prayers. And we are grateful and thankful for each and everyone of you. And, we too, are praying for the driver. We know and understand that this is something that will be painful to him for the rest of his life and we pray God will be healing him too. I do beg Spotsylvania County to reinstall the school zone signs and signals–these are our kids we are trying to protect! We love you Zach!!!!

  • Mom of 3


    Our thoughts and prayers are with you sweetie .Don’t give up.

  • Jason Griffey

    Zach has been in a lot of my classes in the past. He is a good friend and I hope he gets well soon. My family prays for him and his family, and the driver and his family. We hope for a speedy recovery. Keep fighting Zach and don’t give up.

  • Gillian

    I am the sister of the driver and have been sick at heart and crying all week about Zachary. My brother has been the same. He was not distracted by a cell phone (which he rarely uses because he can not afford minutes) and was simply on his way to work. A police officer was driving next to him when the accident happened and served as a witness to the incident. I have been praying all hours, lighting candles at Mass, praying Rosaries,… My brother’s hands still shake when talking about Zachary and he constantly asks me what to do and how to find out about his condition, leaving messages with the officer. Thank you to the family for posting the website. We have family and friends praying from North Carolina to Illinois for Zachary. Thank you for the prayers for my brother as well. He does not own a computer but I will share all of the latest updates with him. Please keep praying.

  • mathew

    wow is calling this “getting schooled” at all appropriate