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Chancellor High students out rest of the week

Chancellor High School students will be out the rest of the week while the school division addresses concerns with the gymnasium roof, schools spokeswoman Sara Branner just said.

She said the division had no alternative location to send students so they will continue missing school even if students elsewhere in the county resume classes later this week. 


  • dtellier

    you are missing anything. If you are so am I. Does Chancellor High have to make up the extra 3 days that they will be missing or what?

  • juvenal

    John J Wright?

  • Flamingo

    Classrooms surround the gym and share a roof with it. If the roof over the gym collapses, those rooms/ walls will be affected as well. If the roof of your house collapses, can you guarantee that only one room or floor will be affected?

  • Jeb13

    Just the gym is off-limits at this time. PE is held in the gym, as are sports. They are inspecting the reast of the roof to ensure safe and sound before letting students in.

  • sahmom

    and part of the roof had collapsed, I’d be darn happy that they are being cautious. Once you break support on a roof, there is no telling what structural damage has been done to the surrounding areas. THANK YOU FOR BEING CAUTIOUS.

  • cassandrasdaddy

    since the roof is below rated load. and the anomaly observed may have been there before the snow . and the snow is melting reducing load. i wonder why they would close the whole school. bet there is a landshark in there somewhere

  • flamingo

    Whether the anomaly was there before the snow or caused by it is not the point. Now that we know it is there is it worth risking close to 2000 lives for a few hours of school? Take a look at the collapse in Blacksburg-when the roof comes down, those large metal beams pull on adjoining walls- that would be Chancellor’s science department.

  • cassandrasdaddy

    and a diminishing load
    i think someone is scared to commit
    we’ll know soon enough what the real deal is