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Public delivers input on next budget

Students, parents and staff went before the  Spotsylvania County School Board tonight to offer their comments on the next school year’s budget. The hot topic tonight was school sports.

Students and parents begged the board not to follow Superintendent Jerry Hill’s suggestion to eliminate middle school sports. Hill also is suggesting that  freshman  sports be eliminated.

Parents directed pointed remarks at Hill and top administrators tonight,  saying pay cuts should start "at the  top."

Parent Amy Bellison-Clayman stood feet from Hill when she questioned his earnings.

 “I really want to know how Dr. Hill looks at himself in the mirror, taking money from the children,” she said. “You’re living pretty well there.”

Board member Ray Lora put his word on the line tonight, declaring, "I will not support a budget that  cuts middle school [sports]."


 For more details about tonight’s public hearing, see tomorrow’s Free Lance-Star.





  • lgross

    a committee of athletic directors to collaborate
    potential solutions to the Sports funding question
    - the response from the Chair and the
    Superintendent was nothing short of illuminating.

    It became very clear that neither of them wanted
    such a group to convene and they really worked
    over the SB member who proposed it.

    Frankly, I was taken aback by the strong reaction
    to that suggestion.

  • dansmom

    Don’t be surprised…that is how Dr. Wilder, Dr. Hill and Mr. Seaux work. They really don’t believe that the parents and staff and even some board members are stake holders in the process. Their lack of respect for some board members speaks volumes about how they feel about public imput. Thank you, to Mrs. Blalock and Mr. Lora for listening last night. Unfortunately, you are outnumbered.

  • lgross

    It’s up to the voters to decide if they like their
    elected to act that way towards other elected but I
    think they were way out of line and not deserving
    of their positions. Mrs. Blalock was doing the right
    thing in trying to respond to the parents/kids to
    do some honest due diligence but what she got
    for her efforts was shameful treatment in my

    I think the two SB members owe her an apology

  • dansmom

    acts in the best interest of the constituents. Look at the voting record. She always does her due diligence and balances that out with the information given to her by the administration. I wish I could say that about all of them. It’s usually 6-1 on all of the big issues. She does deserve an apology but if I were her I would not hold my breath for one.