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Spotsy schools get first H1N1 tomorrow

The Spotsylvania County school division will hold its first H1N1 flu vaccination session for students and their siblings tomorrow (Nov. 3) at Riverbend High School from 5 to 9 p.m.

The school division received its first  delivery of  vaccine but  it is only in the flu mist form, a form the  division initially did not plan to  administer. 

 The  Rappahannock Area Health District is providing the school division with 1,310 doses that will be available on a first come, first served basis.

The following information comes from  Dr. John Petrasky, the  health district  director:


   ·       Children are able to get either the Flu Mist or the shot based on the consent form.

·       Children with asthma should only get the shot.

·       The Flu Mist is a painless delivery system.

·       The easy nasal spray application allows for rapid delivery and reduces the need for medical supplies.

·       Some studies have shown the Flu Mist to be more effective in children than the shot.

·       It is preservative (thimerosal) free.  It mimics the natural process of immunity against influenza by inducing both a broad mucosal and systemic immune response.

 For updates about future clinics, check your child’s school’s web site or the division web site ( each day.