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Recess issue update

Some members of the Spotsylvania County school administration met with parents on Oct. 8 to discuss their concerns about trimming recess for third through fifth graders.

A new scheduling system went into effect this school year across the division’s elementary schools. Administrators say it was aimed at establishing consistency for all students and improving performance. As a byproduct of that, children in third through fifth grades lost half of their daily 30-minute recess.

Parents have addressed the School Board at its last three meetings, asking to have the 30 minutes reinstated. Several have brought research that shows the benefits of recess in general and 30 minutes in particular.

To see a summary of the meeting and where school administrators are in the process, review a memo distributed to parents by Dr. Edlow Barker, assistant superintendent for instruction. 




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    but how many assistant superintendents do we need. we need more people in the schools not a filled up main office.With a bunch of high paid superintendents