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Spotsylvania school officials meeting with parents on recess issue Thursday

Spotsylvania County school officials will hold a meeting tomorrow evening for parents to ask questions about the new elementary scheduling that cut recess in half for third through fifth graders.

The school division sent invitations Friday to the parents who spoke on the issue at the last board meeting but any parent is welcome to attend the meeting, a school division staff member said.

The meeting will run from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Thursday in the School Board meeting room at the school division’s Administrative Services Building, 8020 River Stone Drive.

Superintendent Jerry Hill is expected to attend the meeting as well as school principals, teachers, central office instructional staff and Julie Hurst, executive director of curriculum.

The school division implemented a new scheduling system at all elementary schools this year to standardize instruction and bolster performance, especially for children who are struggling. As a result of the new schedule, daily recess was cut from 30 minutes to 15 for children in third through fifth grades.

Parents have attended the past two school board meetings to ask that the full 30 minutes be restored and some School Board members have expressed support for the move.

To see the invitation, click here.


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    How about talking about the Spotsy workers in food service,O for that matter the food service workers for will see that they have been cut in time allowed to work to the point they can not get there jobs done right.Wages are down to$600 a month for a 15 year worker for spotsy schools.mop the floor O no there no time for that you have to leave at the time you are told to. And Chartwells is talking about more cuts so we should be scared. SOME OF US ARE NOT. Not all The kids are eating there food wonder why.
    O my we can’t talk about any of that . Pay backs could be to harsh .O but we have the school board to help .O that don’t work they want hear you even after setting up hearings with you.OMG Hill is so the great the school board said