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Germanna instructor helped Howard Stern learn to believe in himself

Ray Gill, an instructor at Germanna Community College’s Center for Workforce & Community Education, has a ringing endorsement from a surprising source–famous shock jock Howard Stern, who says Gill helped him learn to believe in himself.

In 1975, when he was 21, Stern left his Long Island, N.Y., home to come to the Radio Engineering Institute of Electronics near Shannon Airport on the recommendation of a friend.

In 1993, when Stern published his autobiography “Private Parts,” which later became a film, he sent a copy of the book to Gill. Stern inscribed it: “To the man who made it all possible.”

He also sent Gill a letter that said: “You have no idea how many times over the years I told everyone my war stories about my summer in Fredericksburg.

“Let me go on the record and tell you how much your class meant to me,” Stern wrote. “It proved to me that I could do anything if I put my mind to it. Your style and confidence were inspirational, and there isn’t another teacher in the world like you.”

Gill teaches the following Center for Workforce human relations and management classes at Germanna:

  •                 Developing Policies and Procedures
  •                 Discipline and Discharge
  •                 Interviewing and Hiring
  •                 Legal Compliance
  •                 Strategic Management in HR
  •                 Wage and Salary Compensation
  •                Fundamentals of Project Management
  •               MS Project 2010
  •                Technical Writing
  •             Introduction to Agile Project Management Fundamentals.




  • Ryguy Mau Muhammedd

    Independent Green Party of Fredericksburg

  • Guest

    You do realize that “Independent Green Party of Fredericksburg” is not at all relevant to the story, right? At least you left out the “More trains, less cars” part.

  • Matt Sealy


  • GrapesAndBerries

    Did Stern send Gill a nice check?

  • roget

    Gill must be a terrific instructor and mentor to get an endorsement like this. Nice to see recognition for a good teacher.

  • anotherguest

    Hey now!

  • Ricky Toler

    Does he still have that truck with the airbrushed dragon on the tailgate? Thanks for teaching and inspiring The King of All Media Mr. Gill.

  • Jennifer Musselman

    Rick… he does still have that truck. And it’s great to see your name again!

  • Jennifer Musselman

    Ray Gill is a great teacher and an even better Dad. Proud of him every day!

  • Ricky Toler

    WOW! Pleasant memories of yesterday first thing in the morning. I didn’t really think this was the Mr.Gill I knew half a lifetime ago. I figured that Mr. Gill would have been retired to Boca Raton by now. I always thought you gave the best heartfelt hugs. Thanks for the virtual hug! Peace and Love to you and your family…