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MRE Cook-Off set for Quantico museum Saturday

Use your creativity to make these packages into a meal that’ll wow judges | From

Two MREs. Some water. Heat. And one gallon-sized bag of extras.

Now, get cooking.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to turn a military “meal ready-to-eat” into a competition-worthy dish, consider entering the National Museum of the Marine Corps’ second annual contest.

The MRE Cook-Off will be held Saturday at noon, in the Quantico museum‘s Leatherneck Gallery.

A team of judges will assess the creations, and the winner will receive a trophy. Last year’s winner was Craig Allen of Headquarters Marine Corps; three people competed. “The real hard part is keeping everything warm,” Allen said in a video, describing MREs in the field.

So what exactly is a MRE? It’s a self-contained meal, of an average 1,250 calories, that lasts years and years. The packets are shelf stable, and can withstand rough conditions and extreme temperatures, according to Meals may include spaghetti and meat sauce, beef stew, cherry blueberry cobbler, or baked snack crackers. Nothing needs to be heated or cooked.

If you’d like to enter, contact organizer Michele Flynn at or 703/784-4469.

And if you just want to watch, it should be a fun afternoon.

View highlights from last year’s competition on YouTube: