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140-character advice for the new cook

When I first started thinking about writing this column, I put a request out to my Twitter followers for suggestions for the novice cook. There are some good points here, and maybe the most important point of all is that, thanks to search engines and social media, you no longer have to learn skills like these on your own. You can take advantage of the knowledge of others without leaving your kitchen. Here’s what folks had to say:

  • Start with soup. Easy to be creative and hard to screw up.
  • Crockpots are your friend.
  • Make a Pinterest account. You can find tons of easy recipes that way.:)
  • Make sure you buy cooking utensils you’ll actually use (and have room for). Buy a whisk, or a hand mixer, not a stand mixer!
  • Have FUN, and don’t be afraid to create a disaster — it is from disasters that great cooks are born!
  • Learn to cook. Saves money, is healthier, and is very attractive to potential dates!
  • Buy a Fannie Farmer cookbook. It tells you how to do really simple things like bake potatoes.
  • Also, ask family members to send their favorite family recipes. :)
  • Take risks!