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Food News: Candy hangover edition

Catching up on food news from the past week and other tasty happenings from around the region. Look for this  every Thursday morning. Submit events and other suggestions to

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Proving that food can be the best medicine, here is a great story about a local family that overhauled its diet and lifestyle habits to improve their health, especially that of their son. This story also shows that a healthy diet can also be healthier for the checkbook.

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This week’s review: Mama’s Pizza & Subs in Locust Grove

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Calling all home cooks! Would you like to participate in the next round of Home Cooking interviews on the Front Burner? Learn about this fun feature here.

Stumped when it comes to planning dinner? Read about a local mom who has made a business out of weekly meal-planning, and what this habit can do for you. My column about Menus4Moms is here.

A comprehensive how-to on the Thanksgiving meal is the subject of this book review by Beverly Meyer.

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Allow kids some indulgence with their Halloween candy stash, writes nutrition columnist Jennifer Motl. Even if they do overdo it, they’ll learn an important lesson.

Hunger doesn’t go away during the weekend for students who receive free- and reduced-price meals at public schools. Food–4–Kidz, a weekend feeding program sponsored by the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank, ensures that about 300 local children are not hungry during weekends. Read about it here.

Knovemberfest, a new beer and wine festival, takes place this weekend at the Fredericksburg Fairgrounds. Details here.

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