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More ideas for using corn

After this column about using an abundance of sweet corn, I got a few tips from readers. Here is an easy tip for freezing and a few good-looking recipes:

For freezing corn, reader Judy Little writes:

 My friends and I used to travel to various farms to buy produce, corn being one of them.  A farmers wife asked us how we froze our corn, so we told her we husked and blanched it prior to freezing. She then told us about the best way to freeze it, which I’ve been doing for over 35 years.  Do nothing with the corn except put it in a brown paper bag, tape it closed and pop into the freezer, worms and all!  It tastes like it was just picked and you can cook it anyway you wish, just don’t thaw it first.  I prefer to microwave it, but it can be grilled or husked and boiled.

My friends and I were skeptical at first and froze a 1/2 doz. to test this outlandish idea, but after 2 weeks we tried the corn and have been believers ever since!

And for cooking with corn, reader Mary Ann Messing sent notes on a few of her favorite recipes:

This recipe for succotash from Deborah Madison’s VegetarianCookingforEveryone is the next favorite after the first corn on the cob of the summer.

Sara Foster’s Summer Corn Relish is so easy.  It’s good with anything or by itself, but it’s especially delicious with a great piece of fish.  The recipe is on page 297 of SaraFoster’sSouthernKitchen.  This cookbook is outstanding.

Easiest chilled corn soup - recipe here

(I use chicken or vegetable broth or a combination of the two instead of water.  When I serve it, I add a dollop of creme fraiche or sour cream with a sprinkle of chives.  You can also add a dash of sriracha or the Persian Lime Olive Olive Oil from Taste.)

Most interesting corn soup: recipe here

Most decadent corn soup: recipe here

Share your own favorite corn techniques and recipes by sending me an e-mail.

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